Brexit ‘sad day that cd have been avoided’ – Pittella

Posted on the March 30th, 2017




Rome – European Parliament Socialist whip Gianni Pittella said the triggering of Brexit Wednesday was “a sad day that could have been avoided, but democracy is democracy and must be respected.  “When you have a divorce between two parents you go to the lawyer and the first things you negotiate are the money and the children: the children are the citizens, our co-citizens, and also the citizens of the United Kingdom,” Pittella said. He declined to comment on the purported cost of Brexit to London, 60 billion euros, only saying: “Now we’ll see how much it will be.  “The bill will be made up and what is due must be paid, otherwise you’re a debtor”. Pittella, a member of Italy’s centre-left Democratic Party (PD), added that the rights of EU citizens in Britain and British citizens in the EU “must be guaranteed”. Pittella went on to say that “unlike the false promises of Brexit propaganda mongers, leaving the EU means difficult decisions and there will be unforeseen and often damaging consequences”. He said “the British citizens should never forget who should be blamed for this leap into the dark: Nigel Farage, the British Conservatives, David Cameron and Theresa May”. (ANSA)

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