Venice protests Cruise ships

Posted on the June 22nd, 2017







World famous for its canals and gondolas, Venice is a major destination for Mediterranean cruises. More than 600 big ships pass through the Giudecca Canal each year, ferrying millions of passengers to views of the 15th century Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Square and other architectural and artistic wonders. Venice is being crushed by mass tourism, according to Count Andrea Carandini, president of the Italian Environment Fund, the main non-profit organization in charge of the protection, safeguarding and management of the country’s artistic and natural heritage.  “Venice now has a third of the inhabitants that it did in the 18th century,” he said. “Yet it receives 22 million tourists a year. It is unsustainable. If things continue like this, the city will die.” UNESCO, in fact, warned the Italian government in July that if the country fails to obey its resolution urging the city to implement the “prohibition of the largest ships and tankers” from Venice’s lagoon by 2017, the organization will place it on the list of endangered heritage sites, along with 38 other locations mainly in Africa and Asia.

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